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Easy – privately and professionally 


As you download the Smartring app on your mobile or tablet, all your existing contacts copy onto the app in a flash and match with Smartring servers. Then you can add people who are not on your list by search or invite. Quick and easy.


When you meet people - at a party, a conference, or maybe at your kids' school – invite them to become a Smartring contact and maybe to a group by search or using QR code. Make your circle grow!

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Always updated info


No need to update your contact list every time someone changes number, email, address. Normally, you won't notice that details have changed until you try to get hold of them – and hit a dead end. With Smartring you only have to take care of your own profile. That’s it.


As everyone keeps their profiles fresh and polished, your friends and professionals will only be a tap away. Always.

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Trim your profile


Your Smartring profile is your kingdom. Do you want to go all public – or keep some of it private? Your call!


Add links to your social apps to make it easy for anyone to start following you on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, or any other social media you're on. If you wish. Or limit access to just a few friends. No pressure. It's up to you.


Maybe you're not a chatty person. Or you're too busy to answer phone calls all the time. Guide your contacts to communicate with you the ways you prefer. Live at ease.

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Stay in touch effortlessly


Your friends and professionals are always ready to interact with you. They keep their contact info up to date. Just pick and tap.


Once you're connected by Smartring, you are bonded. Forever – or for as long as you like. You can download Smartring to all your devices and use the online version in a web browser. Your contacts stay with you. Wherever. Whenever.


You will find it easy to stay in touch. Create groups – chat, make posts; await comments, invite to events; await an answer. Great for business, friends and family.

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Keeps no data


Our service is GDPR proof. This means your privacy is protected, as well as the privacy of your contact list. The existing contacts on your phone or tablet will never be stored on our servers. And there is no third party involved, just you – and Smartring.


Your data is temporarily stored in the Smartring application on your device but leaves your existing contacts untouched. If at some point you decide to uninstall the app, your data vanish in a second without leaving a trace. Your data are gone. Forever.

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